Headteacher’s Message

Matthew Hughes

Welcome to Chapel Bridge. A school where young people can be themselves and find their place in the world. It is an establishment filled with people who have great passion and great expertise.

Teaching is something that I have always wanted to do, and although it sounds like a cliché, I could not think of a better profession to be a part of. For me there is not a more satisfying feeling than to see the delight of a child when they are able to achieve something they could not do before.

It is this passion for seeing children succeed that drives my teaching and now leadership forward. I love to see all children achieving no matter how big or small that accomplishment may be.

Chapel Bridge School is a place where all of this can happen.

I have always had a passion for getting the very best results for all children, regardless of their starting points. This is something that I have great experience with in both my professional and personal lives.

Creating an environment where children can be academically challenged (where appropriate) whist being given the opportunity to ‘futureproof’ themselves to me is imperative. We should be able to provide a bespoke curriculum whilst looking forward to ways in which we can enrich their lives after they have left us. The value of the offer we have provided the children in our care will not be judged in tests or data when the leave us but in the way the skills we have helped them deliver, leads them to live happy and fulfilled lives. Creating these opportunities to inspire the children to have aspirations whilst giving them the tools to make that happen, is the essence of what my educational vision is.